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Exclusive Carretilla

Through our “Exclusive Carretilla Process”, all our dishes have an intense, natural flavour, conserving most of their texture, colour, aroma and nutritional properties throughout their entire shelf life. This is achieved without the addition of preservatives or the need to keep them refrigerated, thanks to our innovative technology and use of technologically advanced containers and packaging, as well as the quality of our ingredients.

Carretillero con Plato Carretilla

If you are short of time and you want to eat well, the Carretilla Microwavable Meals will come to your rescue. More than 70 different recipes to suit all tastes in single-serving microwavable packs.

How do we create a new Carretilla meal?

We pick only the finest ingredients based on their freshness, quality and food safety, so that the resulting dish is appealing to the eye and has a pleasant aroma and a delicious taste. Our team of nutritionists and chefs create recipes based on traditional Spanish cuisine, which are nutritionally balanced and contain the recommended amount of calories, salt, etc., to ensure they are as close as possible to the meals we cook at home.

Estilo de vida

The Mediterranean Diet is a valuable cultural inheritance that offers more than just nutritional, tasty and healthy guidelines.
It is a way of life.
(Mediterranean Diet Foundation)

New Microwavable Meals

Bodegon platos preparados

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