What is Nutri-Score?

Nutri-score is a marking that provides information about the nutritional quality of a food product. It’s sometimes referred to as a traffic light system because it classifies products using five colours, moving from green (healthiest) to red (less healthy). These colours are also associated with five letters (A through to E) to make the code easier to read.

  • This symbol is located on the front of the packaging so that the consumer can quickly see how healthy the product is.
  • Nutri-Score is supported by relevant bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), scientific societies dedicated to nutrition and public health, the Spanish, German, Belgian and French governments and a number of Spanish and European consumer organisations.
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How does Nutri-Score? work?

Why does Carretilla use Nutri-Score on its Ready Meals?

At present, the use of this marking on products is voluntary for brands and companies. However, at Carretilla, we’ve decided to use it for the following reasons:

Nutri-Score 1


Because we want to help consumers make better buying decisions from a nutritional point of view and allow them to compare different products.

Nutri-Score 2


Because we’re committed to transparency and offering consumers clear, simple information on our product labels.

Nutri-Score 3


Because we’re loyal to our guiding values and committed to making high-quality, natural products.

Nutri-Score 4


Because we want to promote tools that help society to eat more naturally and healthily.

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