The packaging for our vegetable products and ready meals is made using 100% recyclable glass and tin.


They're 100% recyclable!

Microwaveable packaging
Our glass jars are 100% recyclable
conservas cristal

The glass jars we use for our vegetable products are 100% recyclable. This means they can be melted down again without loss of quality or quantity, reducing the use of raw materials in the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, they are easy to clean and there are various ways of giving them a "second life". You can use them to store other foods or spices or use them as decorative jars, candle holders and much, much more!

Always remember to dispose of glass jars in the green container and the lids in the yellow container.

conservas lata

The metal packaging for our vegetable products and ready meals is made from tin. This is a metal that doesn't lose its properties so it can be recycled indefinitely. It can be used to make new packaging or even a different metal product for an entirely different purpose.

Tins are also a great way to reduce food waste as they preserve food for a long time and you can keep them in the cupboard until you're ready to use them.

Always remember to dispose of them in the yellow container.

Our tins are 100% recyclable
Our tins are 100% recyclable


Contenedor amarillo: Envases de plástico, latas y briks Yellow container: Plastic, tins and milk cartons
Contenedor azul: Envases de papel y cartón Blue container: Paper and cardboard packaging
Contenedor verde: Vidrio Green container: Glass
Contenedor orgánico: Residuos orgánicos Organic container: Organic waste

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