Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place. Once opened, if the entire contents are not consumed, keep refrigerated, ensuring that the asparagus is fully covered by the liquid. If it is a tinned product, tip the contents into a plastic or glass container before storing in the fridge. We recommend consuming within one day after opening.

Simply drain and they are ready to eat.

Ideal as a main meal with a dressing or mayonnaise, or as a salad ingredient, in vegetable dishes or in more imaginative dishes: battered, in mousses, au gratin, soups, etc.

Tin: 1kg. (Net Weight 780g.), 1/2kg. (Net Weight 390g.) and Party Can (Net Weight 230g.)

Glass Jar: 212ml. (Net Weight 185g.), 37cl. (Net Weight 345g), 58cl. (Net Weight 540g.), ½ Gallon (Net Weight 920g.), Gallon (Net Weight 1,580g).

K/12: 1Kg (Net Weight 660 g.)

Premium Whole White Asparagus

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